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In this section we are collecting old photos and stories contributed by yourselves. Thanks very much to our first contributor Marian Winterton, who lives at "Lindal House" in France, for giving us the idea for this page. Please take a little time to think if you have some memories of your own to share, and send us an email.

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North-West Evening Mail

These photographs were kindly supplied from the North-West Evening Mail archive by Bill Myers, author of the newspaper's "Memories" column. We are very grateful for his help. Bill has provided us with lots of information about the photos, but we appreciate that a few of the details are missing. Please contact us if you can help to improve any of the descriptions.

Princess of Wales opens Colony Candle Factory in 1990

The Princess of Wales opened the Colony Candle Factory at Lindal on 1st October 1990. Disused agricultural buildings had been converted to a factory and shop for the manufacture and sale of scented candles.

Lindal Women's Bowling Team

Details unknown. Can you help?

Haig Championship Final, Lords 1977

Lindal supporters celebrate at Lords.

Haig Championship Final, Lords 1977

Lindal lifts the Village Cup runners-up prize at Lords in 1977 after losing the final to Cookley, Worcestershire. Ron Coulson received the "Man of the Match" award.

Haig Championship Final, Lords 1977

The Lindal team shows off the trophy.

Higson Cup winning 1st XI from 1989

T E Clarke, S Barker, S Plevin, J S Parkinson (Capt), D S Burch, C R Knight, J R Atkinson (dark cap at the back), V R N Allonby, P Satterthwaite, R Brown, G S Smedley

Information supplied by Graeme A Wallace, Treasurer LMCC.

Lindal Cricket Club Spectators

Details unknown. Can you help?

Aerial View of Lindal in Late 1960s

View from south of the A590 looking north towards The Green. Church Close, at the left of the picture, is under construction. The farm buildings on the right have not yet been converted for residential use, and a number of modern developments have not yet appeared, eg Parkside Close, Guards Road, Low Farm Close, The Plantation, and new houses on either side of The Green. The pedestrian crossing on the A590 is to the west of London Road in this picture, and has since been moved to the east of the junction.

Aerial View of Lindal in Late 1960s

View from west of Lindal looking east towards the cricket ground. In the foreground are the remains of Back Guards Pit, and in the distance are the spoil heaps at Gill Brow and Lowfield. At the far left the edge of the field that is now used as the school playing field can be seen, apparently still in agricultural use and joined to a larger field. The long building with the light roof near the top-centre of the picture is the West Cumberland Farmers supplies shop, in the area of the former pit sawmill and railway engine sheds. The section of A590 near the bottom of the picture has yet to be widened, and the new house at the A590 end of Church Close has a much larger garden than nowadays. See close-up of central area (large file).

Sevens at Furness Cricket Club 1961

The four teams competing were Dalton, Lindal, Vickers, and Furness.

Back: G Cornthwaite, unknown, G Gibson, S Uren, A Bell, D Archer, G Wilson
Middle: G Allen, N Clark (umpire), D Melville, G Coombes, G Rodgers, unknown, R Coulson, G Rutter, B Kendrick, unknown, T Barr, K Hughes, I Stafford, Dr Adishesh, H Wardle, M McEver (umpire)
Front: W Knight, B Fallows, H Stanway, J Sharp, D Burns, H Stretch, H Tickle, J Sharples, A Pemberton

Lindal 'A' Cricket Team 1958

Pictured at Lindal. Details unknown. Can you help?

Bill Marshall has suggested that the player at the far right of the back row is Freddy Sprout, and sitting in front of him may be Fred Bottomly.

Motorcycling Competition Winner's Presentation at Lindal in 1949

Peter Roberts, who owned the bicycle and motorcycle shop in Rawlinson Street Barrow for many years, is pictured here receiving first prize of a pair of new boots.

Lindal and Marton School Pupils in 1948

Back: John Quirk, Dorothy Dixon, Margery Rigg, Margery Thompson, Beryl Thompson, Kathleen Miles, Thomas Savage, Frank Corbett, Roger Wicks, Gloria Muspratt, Mavis Corbett, Fred Corbett
Middle: Kathleen Dixon, Frank Woodburn, John Miles, Denis Savage, Denis Dixon, Michael Johnson, Bobby Pattinson, Pat Muspratt
Front: Kathleen Johnson, Malcolm Nielson, Anne Nielson, Sheila Pattinson, Sandra Quirk, Bobby Savage, Gordon Woodburn, William Wicks, Alan Corbett, Maureen Dixon

Lindal Railway Station

The railway station was immediately to the west of the London Road railway bridge. It was opened in 1851, and closed in 1951, and later demolished. Only the entrance gatepost now remains.

London Road

Looking northwards along London Road from the railway bridge. This scene is much the same today.

Farmer Sharp of Church Farm

Anthony John Sharp of Church Farm, Lindal.

See also Funeral Card, In Loving Memory of Anthony Sharp, who died on the 16th day of Dec 1930, aged 77 years.