History of Lindal & Marton

A village community at the heart of Furness


Parish Council

Marton Landmarks and Landscapes 2003 - 2004

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Marton from Tarn Flatt Marton from Tarn Flatt
Welcome to Marton. View of Marton from Tarn Flatt, with Round Hills in the distance.
Marton War Memorial Marton War Memorial
The Marton War Memorial is almost identical to the Lindal War Memorial. Both are carved from Stainton limestone, and carry the names of those from the villages who lost their lives whilst serving in the First World War.
Marton playground Marton playground
Marton playground is adjacent to the War Memorial. There is a grassed area and some play equipment.
New Inn Marton from Tarn Flatt New Inn Marton from Tarn Flatt
View of the New Inn looking over the fields from Tarn Flatt.
Mineworking remains South of Marton Mineworking remains South of Marton
South of Marton lies Lindal Moor, where extensive iron ore mining took place. Although the mine workings are gone, there is plenty evidence of their existence, such as railway trackbeds, and the disturbed ground shown in this photograph. Pits in this area were in the Buccleuch Royalty, and included B26, B29, B30 and B36.
Old Hills Tramway Old Hills Tramway
A long embankment is clearly visible on the outskirts of Marton, on either side of the road leading down to Lindal. This was known as the Old Hills Tramway. The bridge that once crossed the road is now gone.
Bell Hill Cottages Bell Hill Cottages
View from Pit Lane looking north-west over Lindal Moor to Bell Hill Cottages.
Carr Kettle Carr Kettle
Small tarn in the Carr Kettle area. This can be found by following the public footpath leading eastwards to Carr Kettle, starting slightly north of the Y-junction on the road between Lindal and Marton.
Looking North from Marton Looking North from Marton
This view is taken from the east end of Marton looking northwards towards Snipe Ghyll. Evidence of mineworkings can be seen on the left. The communications mast in the distance is between Carr Kettle and Poaka Beck Reservoir. There are several reservoirs and Harlock Hill Wind Farm just beyond the summit of the hill in the photograph.
Devil's Bridge on Harlock Hill Devil's Bridge on Harlock Hill
This disused stone bridge crossing the Rathmoss Beck can be found beside the road over Harlock Hill, just south of Horrace. It is dwarfed by the adjacent wind turbines of the Harlock Hill Wind Farm.
Poaka Beck Reservoir Poaka Beck Reservoir
This view is taken from Harlock Hill, looking south-west over Poaka Beck Reservoir. The wind farm in the distance is at Far Old Park Farm, to the west of Marton. This reservoir was created in 1867. The nearby Pennington Reservoir was created in 1876, and Harlock Reservoir was created in the 1890s.
Old Reading Room Old Reading Room
The building on the left was built as a reading room for the villagers of Marton. It is now a house. In this view, you can see the roof of a new house being constructed in the centre of the village.
Tractor and Wind Turbine Tractor and Wind Turbine
View looking west from Tarn Flatt towards the wind farm at Far Old Park Farm.
Wastewater Treatment Works
United Utilities carried out major improvements to the Marton Wastewater Treatment Works during the latter half of 2004.
Marton Park Gates
New wrought iron park gates presented by United Utilities to the people of Marton on completion of the Wastewater Treatment Works improvements in May 2005.

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