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Lindal Landmarks and Landscapes 2003 - 2004

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Lindal and Marton Primary School

Lindal and Marton Primary School
The village school is in Pit Lane, at the north end of Lindal. It was built and then extended in the 1850s by the large local mining company Harrison Ainslie. Nowadays, children attend from the Reception year through to Year 6.

School Terrace from Belle Hill School Terrace from Belle Hill
This view shows the rear of School Terrace taken from Belle Hill. Part of the school can be seen through the gap in the terrace near the centre of the picture. Morecambe Bay is in the distance.
Old railway bridge over Pit Lane

Lindal Moor Tramway bridge over Pit Lane
The stone walls and buttresses on either side of Pit Lane are all that remain of the bridge that used to carry the trains on the Lindal Moor Tramway to the Iron Ore pits on Lindal Moor. The line ran from the B30 pit near Belle Hill Cottages, down to the Furness Railway sidings by the A590. This photograph is taken looking northwards towards the school.

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church
This attractive red sandstone church was built in 1884 by the Dukes of Devonshire and Buccleuch, and the mining company Harrison Ainslie. The church is situated to the south-west of The Green. There are regular Sunday services. The annual village Gala and other special events are organised by the congregation of the church.

Lindal from Lindal Moor Lindal from Lindal Moor
This view shows the southern end of Lindal, with St Peter's Church near the centre of the picture, taken from Lindal Moor. The long low industrial building immediately above the church is the Colony Candles factory.
The Green

The Green
A large grassy area, surrounded by railings, and a mixture of mature and recently planted trees. The Green is used by the village children as a play area, and also hosts events such as the annual village Gala. This view of The Green is taken from beside the War Memorial, looking northwards. The Green was originally a tarn, but was filled in with spoil from the mines and material from a local quarry in 1887.

Fallen tree at The Green Fallen tree at The Green
This tree blew down onto several parked cars and brought down telephone wires at The Green during the winter of 2001/2002. Fortunately, the nearby overhead power cables survived. Since then, a number of other old trees at The Green have been felled and replaced with young trees. The overhead power cables at The Green and Pit Lane have been re-routed underground.
Lindal War Memorial

Lindal War Memorial
The Lindal War Memorial commemorates the men of the village who lost their lives in the First World War. It is situated at the south end of The Green, near the church. The War Memorials of Lindal and Marton were commissioned together as a result of public fundraising, and both were dedicated in May 1921.

Christmas tree and Buccleuch Hall Christmas Tree December 2003
This photo of the Christmas tree on The Green was taken looking eastwards towards the Buccleuch Hall.
Christmas tree and Lindal Moor Farm Christmas Tree December 2003
This photo of the Christmas tree on The Green was taken looking westwards towards Lindal Moor Farm.
Colony Candles

Colony Candles
In 2003, the Colony Candles visitor centre included an exhibition on candle making and local history, a factory shop, and the popular Chandlers Country Cafe. The exhibition was closed in 2006.

Buccleuch Hall

Buccleuch Hall
The Buccleuch Hall is located to the east of The Green. A management committee is responsible for organising its usage and maintenance. The building is heavily used for meetings, clubs, playgroup, gala days, parties, etc.

Lindal playground

Lindal playground
The playground is situated at the side of the school playing field. This photo shows the old playground equipment which was removed in February 2004 to make way for new equipment occupying a slightly larger area.

Spoil heaps East of Lindal Spoil heaps East of Lindal
This photo shows a few of the spectacular spoil heaps to the east of Lindal, south of Whinfield, and north of the A590. The pits in this area were in the Muncaster Royalty, and included Diamond Pit, GB4 and GB5 Pits.
Bridge beside old Diamond Pit Bridge beside old Diamond Pit
This disused bridge crosses the road between Lindal and Pennington, north of the old Diamond Pit.
Lely Acrobat hay turner at Cowran Lely Acrobat hay turner at Cowran
Acrobat hay turner lying in farmland at Cowran, between Lindal and Ulverston. The Acrobat was invented and manufactured by a company called Blanch Lely in the late 1950s and early 1960s, as a replacement for men with hayforks.
Old railway building Old railway building South of the A590
A large area at the south-east end of Lindal was formerly Furness Railway sidings. Some of the mine tramways also terminated here. The tracks are gone, but some boundary walls and abandoned buildings can still be seen. This building and another one nearby can be seen from the A590.
View of Hoad Hill from Whinfield View of Hoad Hill from Whinfield
This photo is taken from the track between Whinfield and Carr Kettle looking eastwards towards Ulverston. The top of Morecambe Bay can be seen near the top right corner of the photo.
Y-Junction between Lindal and Marton Y-Junction between Lindal and Marton
View looking northwards towards the Y-junction and cottage mid-way between Lindal and Marton.
Lindal Moor Cottage Lindal Moor Cottage
Lindal Moor Cottage was formerly the offices of the mining company Harrison, Ainslie & Co. It is now several houses.
South Lindal South Lindal
The southern side of Lindal, viewed from the old turnpike road between Lindal and The Black Dog Inn.
Marton Junction on the A590 Marton Junction on the A590
The picture shows the A590 and the side-road leading to Marton via Tarn Flatt. Pinder Ring can be seen in the distance (see also the History page).
Lindal Moor Farm Lindal Moor Farm
The rear of Lindal Moor Farm, looking across the rooftops towards The Plantation.

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