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Lindal Playground Redevelopment

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Tyre swingPhotos of Lindal Playground Redevelopment

Lindal and Marton Residents' Association secured funds and managed the replacement of the play equipment in Lindal playground. The new equipment comes from the Playdale traditional wooden ranges, and also from the brand new Playdale stainless steel 'City' range. Work on the site started in February 2004. The pupils of Lindal and Marton Primary School attended the opening ceremony held on Friday 23rd April 2004. The oldest and youngest LAMPS pupils and the Mayor of Barrow jointly cut a red ribbon to declare the playground open.

Now you see it... Lindal Playground January 2004  Now you see it...

This is the original set of wooden playground equipment. Worn, damaged and repaired many times.

Now you don't! Now you don't! 26th February 2004

The old play equipment is removed as the first stage of preparing the site.

Marking Out Marking out 12th March 2004

The positions of the new equipment are marked out and turf is cut.

Excavations Excavations 16th March 2004

Holes are excavated and filled with hardcore.

Levelling Levelling 19th March 2004

The ground is levelled and excess soil loaded into a tractor trailer.

Removal of Soil Removal of soil 19th March 2004

Excavated soil is removed from the site.

Wooden equipment installed Wooden equipment installed 26th March 2004

Wooden equipment is positioned on site.

Mud! Mud! 2nd April 2004

The wooden equipment is concreted in, and there's a lot of mud around.

Turf Turf 5th April 2004

Turf is laid around the new equipment.

Swing frames erected Swing frames erected 8th April 2004

The metal frames for the swings are assembled and erected.

Matting laid Matting laid 13th April 2004

Matting is laid around the seating area.

A very busy week A very busy week 22nd April 2004

The slides are installed, soft surfaces laid, more turf laid, and swings hung.

A few finishing touches A few finishing touches 23rd April 2004

The playground is ready to be opened.

The opening ceremony The opening ceremony 23rd April 2004

Alan Postlethwaite, Secretary of the Lindal and Marton Residents' Association, introduces the opening ceremony.

The ribbon is cut The ribbon is cut 23rd April 2004

The playground is formally opened by the Mayor of Barrow and two pupils from Lindal and Marton Primary School.

Speeches Speeches 23rd April 2004

Tom Weall, Helen Johnston, two LAMPS pupils, the Mayor and Mayoress of Barrow, and the Mayor and Mayoress of Copeland. Tom Weall thanks everyone who has been involved in the project.

The Mayor on the slide The Mayor on the slide 23rd April 2004

I see no ships! The Mayor of Barrow takes in the view from the top of the new slide.

Now we can play Now we can play 24th April 2004

Everything is complete. Now we can play.


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